Our Approach

Applied Behavior Connections LLC utilizes the most current research and functional based approaches when implementing behavior change techniques. We utilize positive practice strategies including Discrete Trial Training, Pivotal Response Training, Natural Environment Training, Incidental Teaching, and Verbal Behavior. Our team works with children ages 18 months-18 years old in a variety of environments including the home, school and natural settings. Programs are individualized based on the child’s needs. Initial assessments include Vineland, BASC and ABLLS or VBMAPP. For more information on these assessments please contact us. All programs are overseen by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).


Definition of ABA


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) studies the principles of how learning happens, and uses those principles to bring about positive change in behavior. ABA consists of many evidence- based practices (practices that are backed by significant research) aimed at increasing positive, useful behaviors and reducing behaviors that are detrimental either physically, socially, and/or academically. ABA therapy is also used to increase language and communication skills, improve attention, focus, social skills, self help skills, memory and academics.



Teaching Strategies Used


  • Discrete Trial Learning

  • Verbal Behavior Training

  • Pivotal Response Training

  • Natural Language Paradigm

  • Positive Behavior Supports


The principles and methods of Behavior Analysis have been applied effectively in many circumstances to develop a wide range of skills in learners with and without disabilities.


ABA has been proven effective with children on the Autism Spectrum.


• Children with developmental delays and behavior challenges also benefit from ABA services.


•Early intervention programs give children a better chance for success.


Will ABA benefit My Child


Is your child….


…having difficulty learning?


…having problems acquiring new skills?


...having difficulty communicating?


…experiencing problem behaviors* that get in the way of functioning?


If your child has any of these or other concerning behaviors, an ABA-based approach to behavior intervention may be of help.

Who can benefit?

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